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Speaking of which, Hong Dali had finally returned to Earth. The Bureau Chief finally had a weight lifted off his chest. He had many questions for Hong Dali. But he knew that Hong Dali had no time for him. Not now, at least. So he just waited with Hong Dali. Everything could be discussed after he had met with his parents.


It was okay to add less for Little Bai Hechou now, he would add more for him in a year. There was no hurry. But his parents were getting old, he had to add more for them.


The reward for level 29 was such a bird, then the reward for level 30… Honestly speaking, they didn’t know what they should expect. Although this was a good bird, the problem was that they still had to wait for it to grow…


Li Nianweis face flushed red with excitement. She rarely asked for anything, but this time, she took the initiative to ask Hong Dali, Young Master, I think


There were many of them this time. Most men only dared to look from a distance and would not dare approach themthey were a big group. Nine lackeys, Levis, Lucifer, Jiang Qianxue and the little Quentin who kept dozing off. Who would dare approach them?


Huaqing was certain that even if Hong Dali was a string-puller, he would not dare take things lightly. He must have some plans.

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Five seconds later, Quentin had Tianyi firmly under its paws. It yawned lazilyit did not try to bite him, but this was not its fault. It had gotten used to eating Dali beans and had become fussy. Human flesh which was sourish no longer appealed to it


Aye? The young man looked at Tianyi and Mu Huaqing, then at Hong Dali. He touched his chin and smiled. It seems you are not simple as well. Im King P. Ace. How about you?


This was a tiger that had mutated from eating Dali beans. It was five-meters-long, about the size of a medium-sized car. Hong Dali had cheekily clad it in a full suit of armor fully embedded with attribute gems!


“Big Grandfather adores me too much to do that.” Little Bai Hechou’s only had 10 years of lifespan, so he grew very quickly. Now, he already had the intelligence of a six-year-old child. While pulling Wang Daoming’s beard, he laughed and said, “Big Grandfather, Aunt Xiao Yi called me just now. She said that she made new progress and intends to experiment on me, hehe.”


At this moment, Tianyi suddenly looked beside and reminded. Dali, your shop is open!


These guards may be having a headache, but Hong Dali was really the one with the headache.


“Impressive, very impressive!” Hong Dali violently nodded, then took out the “Secrets of Dark Energy” and directly tossed it to Levis. He smiled and said, “Brother Levis, try practicing this.” Saying so, he took out another two secret manuals. One was the “Wind Flower Snow Moon Palm” and the other one was similar to the “Secrets of Dark Energy”, called “Secrets of Magic Energy”. He directly tossed both of them to Li Yang and said, “Brother Li Yang, practice these with the rest. Your attributes aren’t enough to practice the ‘Secrets of Dark Energy’ yet.”



Why? I just want to buy it, what do you mean why? The second person did not take it lying down. How about we take this outside?!



“Don’t worry.” Hellfire lifted his head and looked into the Universe. He smiled and said, “It’s not like I am going there for the first time, there won’t be any problem.”


Hearing the voices of envy and the applause, Scott beamed. Conceit, this was something not many could resistotherwise, why would he train so hard for it?


In the group, Tang Muxin, Li Nianwei, and Lucifer did not have combat professions, so for the three of them, Hong Dali gave them nothing but energy gems—they each had twenty. Each energy gem would increase their energy by fifty percent. He had no idea what effect that would have when they learned new skills and abilities, but he was squandering. It did not make a difference to him if he used one or ten. He would just use as many as he had. There was no need for explanations!

  • Yes. Ling Xiaoyi went to finish the paperwork with the shop owner. Indeed, when the paperwork was done, Hong Dali pulled out the System to look. Current Squandering Value: 9.8 million.
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