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Speaking of which, the attributes of the accessories in the shop were average and not too valuable. However, they were beautiful


Nianwei ah, Li Nianweis father placed his hand on hers, reminding her. our family background is ordinary and cannot be compared to others. It is all thanks to Young Master Dali that you are here. You must be grateful to him. Even animals know how to protect their masters. We cant be worse than animals, right? You must help Young Master when youre out with him. Dont let him be too tired. Do you understand?


Hong Dali grinned as he picked the book up from the floor, smiled and said. This is what Galaxy Aristocrat Miss Qianxue should be like. The other one He saw Jiang Qianxues expression after he said that and hurriedly stopped. Forget it, I dont know anything. Yes, yes.


“Damn it.” Jiang Qianxue violently shook her head and muttered, “Why did I suddenly think of that prodigal, the difference between him and my hero is way too big, bigger than 100,000 lightyears. Why did I suddenly think of him?”


Everyone soon gathered. There were not as many people setting off together. They were not on Earth, after all. Some had to improve their combat ability at the Tower of Trials. Only about ten people tagged alongHong Dali, Tang Muxin, Li Nianwei, Jiang Qianxue, Ling Xiaoyi, three female lackeys, as well as four of Jiang Qianxues eight guards.


“Eh?” Hong Dali looked down at Luo Qiang, then looked at the great Mister Gate and second greatest Mister Eagle Eye. He bent down and picked up a brick, then sternly said, “The two of you bullied my Brother Luo Qiang last night?!”

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This lackey is really powerful, even his moves are so full of character. I think he must be at least a Third Order Planet Warrior! They must be the princesses of some rich and powerful family? They have such powerful lackeys with them?


The guard: “Other than those movie-makers from Hollywood, everyone is back.”


That was full of countless auras. Just the identity alone represented power, wealth, and status.


En, en. Tang Muxin was quite petty. She had hoped someone would hook up with Jiang Qianxue. She beamed. Its good that you are not concerned. Im afraid youd be jealous.


The Galaxy Aristocrats only had a population of 200,000 plus people, all youngsters in their race were very precious. Yet, female Galaxy Aristocrats could only be impregnated when they fused with males who had the bloodline of the Galaxy Aristocrats. It was slightly better for men, it was possible for them to impregnate women from another race, but the chances were very low, less than one in a hundred.


“That’s true.” The mysterious man nodded. To be honest, he was also very worried. After all, the Galaxy Alliance regarded the Zerg as their biggest enemy, which went to show just how strong the Zerg were. Earth’s current technology could only be regarded as that of a Level Three or Four civilization. Although they had the High-Energy Electronic Collision Machine, it had yet to be proven in battle. The weapons to be used with it had also not been developed yet, so the only weapon they could use against the Zerg were nuclear bombs. However, the power of the nuclear bomb…


Regaining his freedom, Tianyi stood up and hugged Huaqings leg. Big Brother Double Aristocrat, thankfully you came. Otherwise, I wouldnt know where to put my face



Another person said, How would I know? The shop is closed. I wonder what is going on. Its quite worth if this armor is really for sale. The value of the armor, just the three gems will be worth quite a lot!



“The last time that such a super-genius appeared was over a thousand years ago, right? At that time, the number one warrior in Milky Way, Duan Xuan, had also gone through something like this too. But I think he only made it to level 27, right?”


Jiang Qianxue had dressed up and was sitting on the bed with her legs tightly closed. Her head was so low it was almost buried in her chest. She did not dare to look at Hong Dali. “Yes… hungry…”


Jiang Qianxue was deeply shaken by the super genius. Usually calm and collected, she felt that she had met her true love. That notion set off something in her, making Jiang Qianxue seem like a different person.

  • Hehe, Dali, this person is so cool. Tang Muxin giggled. But hes still lacking something. Our Dali is more amiable. This person is more suitable to be observed like a statue. Not suitable to be approached. Hes too cold.
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