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Saying so, he threw the sword to Yin Tianzong. Yin Tianzong grabbed it and instantly stopped what he wanted to say. He beamed with delight and said, “Oh my, Brother Dali, you are still the best! These useless fellows beside me might be useless in terms of business, but they can only get past one to two levels in the Tower of Trials, really pathetic. If not, I wouldn’t need to ask for your help—oh my, look at this appearance, look at this sharp edge. Good sword, good sword indeed!”


Understood. Ace gently lifted his hand and put it on the stone tablet. Soon, the stone tablet displayed his Tower of Trials results: King P. Ace from the planet Red Saturnian, level twenty-two of the Tower of Trials, cleared on the fifth attempt.


“Why? Do you think I am too young?” Hong Dali pouted. “People should not be judged by their size, wine should not be judged by their age. I may not be able to drink, but when it comes to discussing wines, I am not afraid of you!”


Lucifer was despondent as well. He was good at curses, but they didn’t work on Hong Dali. Levis was strong, but he could not find a balance. He might just send Hong Dali back to where they came from with one punch. Besides, he couldn’t bear to hit Hong Dali either…


“This little rascal.” The mysterious man smilingly scolded. “He is lucky wherever he goes, that is really something to be envious about. Alright, let’s not talk about this for now. Try to improve on our technology as best as we can. We are unsure when the Zergs will be sure, this is not something we can control. All we can do now is to do our best.”


To Jiang Qianxue, everything she did was for the sake of her first meeting with the almighty genius in the future, in order to leave the best impression.

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Of course. Hong Dali answered matter-of-factly. If your heart races every day, your life-span will be shortened. Love is, in fact, ordinary. Its not as exciting as you thought it is. Shopping, chatting, its just like that.


Gate snuck his head in front of Aces face, making his heart beat wildly in shock. Come look for me after you have confirmed the news. Im having fun here. He pointed at Hong Dali. This brat has bought me for one hundred and twenty thousand a month. I should stay here for at least a month.


Everyone was horrified. The giants tone was really menacing. It seemed that their conversation forget it, they would just pretend they did not hear anything.


Speaking of which, Comrade Luo Qiang was still a good young man with good psychological quality. However, he realized something after his boss had changed. The pawnshop seemed a little different from before. For example, another mysterious person had come on this day.


They attracted a lot of attention on the wayit was common for people to bring their pets out. But it was rare to see one so big


Of course, that was the problem. Everyone was nervous as Jiang Qianxue was with Hong Dali. If she found out that Hong Dali was the super genius that would be the end of the world!


Aye, you have grown up. Sooner or later, you will leave home. Tang Ruixi did not have too big a reaction. His voice was calm. Im quite reassured that youre with Dali. Dali is protective and is quite capable. Just dont get bullied by himoh right, did he bully you recently? If he did, I will beat up his father for you!



Human beings died in pursuit of wealth and birds died in pursuit of food. With the Galaxy Aristocrat gone, this great Mister Gate was able to control the situation. If not now, when? In just two seconds, a lucky person held the equipment and swung it around crazily. Hahahaha! I got it, I got it! Hahahaha!



“I… I don’t know, either. Hopefully, I won’t be so unlucky.” Jiang Qianxue was so stressed she was close to tears. “I have just started liking him. Is this the end?”


“Haha, no problem, understood!” The construction workers all smiled and replied, “Ever since I starting believing in Dali Cult, I feel energetic all over!”


“Brat, look at you. You must be doing quite well there!” The Bureau Chief looked at Hong Dali and was very satisfied with his current situation. He laughed. “Hahahaha, you’re from Earth, indeed. Good luck follows you wherever you go, awesome!” The Bureau Chief did not usually speak like that, but it was different today…

  • His words caused the entire conference room to go quiet.
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